Bounce House Rentals

Inflatable Bounce House Rentals in Ocean City

Beach Bounce offers a unique variety of inflatable bounce house rentals, perfect for all type of events such as Birthday Parties, Church Groups, and Fundraising events!

Beach Bounce also participates in fundraisers and non-profit community events. Donations available for kids fundraisers.

How to Book a Bounce House Rental

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Our Inflatable Bounce House Rentals

Inflatable Bounce House Rental

Fun Castle Combo Bounce House Rental

Price: $250
Size: 25' x 19' x 9.5

Newly designed, this ride includes inflated push-through obstacles for riders to navigate through as they proceed to the wall climb leading to the slide platform.  The bouncing area is spacious as always and includes a basketball hoop.  It is attractively designed with traditional color schemes and with premium quality vinyl, making it a winner for all uses.

Clown Bounce House Rental

Price: $325
Size: 28' x 27' x 17'

Clown around in this monster size carnival themed bounce house.  Featuring a large climbing wall to challenge their motor skills.  Then choose either side to slide into the clown, monkey, and carnival land.

Hot Air Balloon Bounce House Rental

Price: 180
Size: 13' x 13' x 15'

Beach Bounce welcomes you aboard the Hot Air Balloon.  Jump and reach for the sky.  Enjoy getting to fly into the air as you bounce in the spacious bounce house.

5-in-1 Castle Bounce House Rental

Price: $250
Size: 19' x 18' x 16

Enjoy the castle with push-through obstacles for bouncers to navigate through as they proceed to the wall climb leading to the slide platform. The bouncing area is spacious and will challenge your youngsters to active play time.

Toddler Town Bounce House Rental

Price: $250
Size: 23' x 15' x 14'

The Toddler Town inflatable combo is sure to keep your youngsters bouncing with fun.  The Toddler Town features a big bouncing area, along with playful popup traffic lights, cars, and street road images in this charming town theme, along with a small climber and slide to add for some extra fun. The Toddler Town is sure to be a big hit for any outdoor / indoor family entertainment center, daycare center, end-of the year, and birthday party.

Dual Sports Combo Bounce House Rental

Price: $250
Size: 23' x 15' x 14'

The Dual Action Sports Combo is designed with sports fans in mind, including basketball, football, soccer, and baseball decorations in it’s design.  This bounce house will excite any athlete.   Featuring a basketball court, participants will have plenty of room to showcase their skills.  Bouncers will not want to leave the arena, but for when they do get tired, the two slides provide a fun exit.

Arched Pink Castle Bounce House Rental

Price: $180
Size: 13'x13'x14'

The Arched Pink Castle is a great way to encourage healthy physical activity and provide for hours of entertainment. The Arched Pink Castle is all enclosed with safety nets and inflatable walls. Prince and Princess participants can bounce, jump, hop, skip and run around to their heart’s content. Accommodating up to 5 jumpers at one time.

Dual Dry Slide Bounce House Rental

Price: $225
Size: 24' x 15' x15'

The IPC 18 Dual Slide is a perfect ride for large crowds and competitive spirits looking to race up and down the slide. At 18 feet tall with an 11-foot tall slide platform angled at 40 degrees, this inflatable slide doubles the fun for all riders. Its “no-jump” safety meshes at the top, high inflatable side walls and proper use safety instructions printed on the slide ensure that riders enjoy the slide safely.

Inflatable Zoo – Toddler Inflatable Bounce House Rental

Price: $250
Size: 17'x17'x10'

Complete with a lion, giraffe, panda, hippo, and an elephant slide, this ride is a great attraction for younger crowds. Children can bounce around in this 17’x17′ ride and even enjoy a slide down the elephant. The inflatable animals at this zoo are friendly and fun for the amusement of children. The Inflatable Zoo is an open-air ride that is surrounded by an inflatable wall perimeter for rider safety. The arching entrance gate truly gives participants the feeling of embarking on wildlife fun. The Inflatable Zoo is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Fun Combo x2 Bounce House Rental

Price: $250
Size: 25'x19'x9.5'

The Fun Combo X2 does as its name implies, it doubles the fun. This exciting product has two slides, two climbers, and two basketball hoops to go along with its 15-foot wide bounce house. The bouncing area leads to a climb and slide on either side of the structure. The slides are also guarded by high inflatable walls, a safety net above to prevent jumping and an inflatable bumper at the end of the slide. At only 9.5 feet tall, the Fun Combo X2 is the perfect inflatable for Family and Party Fun!

Inflatable Water Slide Rental

Slide n Splash Water Slide Rental

Price: $225
Size: 37'x8'x8' w/pool

Double your fun with the DUAL SLIDE N SPLASH this Summer! The Dual Slide N Splash is a two-lane slippery slide that spans 35 feet in length. It features high inflatable walls to ensure the safety of sliders. Run and jump head-on into the slide, speeding underneath rainbow arches and into a pool at the end. With two lanes, the Dual Slide N Splash doubles the fun and allows for fun competition among sliders.

Bear Camp Water Slide Rental

Price: $375
Size: 23' x15' x 14'

Bear Camp is a 37′ monster slide featuring 2 lanes, 2 pools, and a climbing wall. Perfect for any day fun, BBQ, holiday, birthday or graduation party!

Mickey N Friends Water Slide Rental

Price: $275
Size: 15'W x 29'L x 19'H

Mickey Water Slide:  Slide away with Mickey Mouse and his friends this summer.  Features climbing area, slide with water mister, and a big pool at the end. The Disney gang is ready for any Disney Themed party.  Images of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto will all be sliding away with you and your guests.

Frozen Water Slide Rental

Price: $275
Size: 29' x 13' x 18

Beat the Heat & “LET IT GO” with the FROZEN WATER SLIDE from Bounce House Party Rentals!  Sit back and let your prince or princess enjoy their own fantasy water park!  Join Anna, Elsa, & Friends with the FROZEN Climb & Pool Water Slide.

Dual Wave Slide Rental

Price: $325
Size: 27' x 17' x 17'

The Dual Wave slide is the perfect slide to enjoy with friends and family.  Climb the ladder with a friend and race down the slide together into the large pool with a raised wall for safety and to prevent water from splashing out.

Tropical Wave Slide Rental

Price: $250
Size: 25' x 15' x 17

Your backyard oasis.  Perfect for all outdoor parties.  The tropical slide features a water misting system,  climbing area, top landing platform, and large pool area as the landing.

Obstacle Course Inflatable Rentals

Climb the Ladder Inflatable Rental

Price: $225
Size: 22'x17'x9

Try if you can to climb the ladder.  This inflatable is a challenging attraction that always draws a line of eager participants wanting to test their skills.  Bouncers can challenge themselves individually or turn it into a race.  Climb the Ladder is a fun game for everyone to try over and over again.