Beach Bounce Rules

  • Socks must be worn in the jump rooms at all times! No shoes, no bare feet!
  • No Sharp Objects.
  • No running.
  • No hiding behind equipment.
  • No FOOD, GUM, CANDY or DRINKS in play areas.
  • Feet FIRST down the slides! Lift arms to prevent elbow burn!
  • Allow time for others to exit the slide before you slide.
  • Do NOT stand at the bottom of the slide or climb up the slide area, use the steps.
  • Enter and exit all equipment properly, climbing over side walls will NOT be tolerated.
  • Do NOT lean over the edge of the equipment.
  • Step or sit and slide off the equipment, do not jump off.
  • Empty pockets and remove jewelry (we are not responsible for lost or broken items).
  • Watch for smaller kids and play nicely.
  • Flips, somersaults, and other stunts can result in expulsion from the facility.
  • Be careful, you play at your own risk! (adults and kids)